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Dong Klang Market
« on: July 23, 2023, 11:44:44 PM »
Hua Dong Market, which is located on the same route as Mae Phlu River and Huean Laplae It is considered the largest wholesale and retail fruit market in Uttaradit. If speaking durian as a native of Uttaradit True durian neck, probably no one will not know. Lin Laplae will produce during the month of June. – Jul. If arriving in the area, it will be sold at the Hua Dong fruit market. The uniqueness of this durian is its small size, small grains, but firm flesh, sweet and delicious, not too strong smell. But the price is quite high because it's hard to find. If it comes to the lost land, it costs 300-600 baht per kilo. On average, it costs 150-800 baht per baby, depending on size and quality. But if it's Lin Lae The price is very high, 800-950 baht per kilogram. Some people who have tried it will like durian meat. And taste + smell that smells good. Until forgetting the golden pillow