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พูดคุยทั่วไป / The best online clothing stores
« Last post by pimqq on September 29, 2023, 01:39:23 PM »

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Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has reassured consumers that seafood imported from Japan remains safe for consumption, TFDA deputy secretary general Lertchai Lertvut has said.

The confirmation came amid international concerns about the release of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant, which was devastated by a tsunami in 2011.

“We have put strict safety measures in place since the Fukushima plant started releasing treated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean on August 24th, he said.

The FDA has conducted tests on 75 samples of at risk seafood, including squid, molluscs and crabs, to analyse the cesium-134 and cesium-137 content.

Lertchai said the results from 42 of the 73 samples analysed so far have shown no radioactivity that exceeds international standards.

After the sacking of Peter Reid as the coach of the Thailand national football team, the Thai Football Association has begun the hunt for Reid's replacement. Thailand is reportedly in talks with former England captain and Manchester United legend Bryan Robson to take the helm of the Thailand national team. The Thai Football Association chief has revealed that the response from Robson's camp has been very positive. If he accepts the post, Robson's first task would be to prepare the Thailand team for the Asian Cup qualifier against Singapore in November.

Tale of The Nine Tailed 1938                     
นักแสดงเรื่อง Tale of The Nine Tailed 1938                     
เรื่องย่อ Tale of The Nine Taied 1938                     
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Last Sunday’s season premiere of “Game of Thrones” was watched by 16.1 million viewers across all platforms, including cable, online streaming and on-demand viewing. This is a 50 percent increase from last year’s Season 6 kickoff episode. The episode was the most-watched premiere ever for both “Game of Thrones” and HBO. The Season 7 premiere was arguably the most hotly anticipated episode in the show’s history, coming after a longer-than-usual hiatus between seasons. In years past, “Game of Thrones” seasons have debuted in April, but this season required a longer production period. The show now has 12 episodes remaining - six more this season, and a final six in Season 8.

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Thai desserts in the South come in a variety of flavors and styles. Here are some popular and unique Thai desserts of the South: Southern Thai Desserts Here are just a few of the great Thai desserts to try in the South. But there are many other flavors and uniqueness that you can discover in each province of southern Thailand.
พูดคุยทั่วไป / Why does victim-blaming persist in Thai culture?
« Last post by Today on September 26, 2023, 01:14:32 AM »
If they were being stared at, who’s to blame? Women.
If they were sexually harassed or assaulted, who’s to blame? Also, women.

If their sex tape is leaked without their consent, who’s to blame? Still women.

Women are still blamed and are often expected to take responsibility for gender-based crimes against them, be it sexual harassment in real life or online. The victim-blaming-and-shaming attitude still exists in Thailand and elsewhere due to an existing gender bias against women.

On the brighter side, people nowadays are not afraid to speak out and have come together to protect women from being socially victimised.

-What has happened?-

Thai netizens took to Twitter (X) last week to show sympathy and support for a female Thai artist, known as “Beer the Voice”, after an alleged sex video of her was leaked on social media. Many of them came together to protect the artist, condemning men who harassed her online with sexually inappropriate comments, including women who were curious to watch a snippet of it.

Netizens said that people should never objectify nor sexually harass the artist, even though she is known to have a sexy image, and people should always bear in mind that sharing the leaked video “for fun” will add to the trauma and suffering of a victim.

The online conversation has pushed the hashtag as the top-trending topic on Twitter (X) for a few days. Moreover, netizens and fellow celebrities took to the artist’s Instagram to provide their support and encouragement in light of the incident.

The artist has eventually apologised for the leaked video, which she said, came from one of her former boyfriends. She also explained that she used to believe that filming sex videos is an individual preference and that both her and her ex had consented at the time. There were, however, also shots where she did not know that she was being filmed.

The artist also lamented that, if she could go back in time, she would have asked him to delete all of the videos, adding that just because someone agrees to be filmed does not mean that they agree to have their videos published on social media.

Within the same post, she did not forget to question Thai social norms, asking why society still condemns the victim.

“Why is it always the victim who is ostracised by society? Why is it so easy to ruin someone’s life on the Internet? Why do most people still enjoy such things without considering the pain that victims have to go through? And most of all, why are perpetrators still being praised for their wrongdoings?”

-Why the blame?-

“Though I am not surprised that most of these rude comments came from men, rude comments coming from women made me realise that the world is not evil as such, it’s humans,” the artist complained in the same post. “This is 2023, but why is it always men that “gain” something and women that “lose” something when it comes to sexual relationships? Or, is it because society has set it like this, so women always have to lose whenever there’s an incident like this?”

Sadly, society has always objectified women’s bodies, as if it is something that men can always make fun of. For the case of “Beer”, when people are reminded of her name, most of them think of her sexiness, rather than her singing. Not many people are aware of her musical talent or how sweet her voice is.

In fact, women’s bodies have long been objectified in mass media, in films, magazines and the list goes on. Especially in the old days, when people are way too familiar with gossip tabloids publishing stories of female celebrities showing off their cleavage at red carpet events, replicating the male gaze in the Thai media and society as a whole. When readers are used to seeing such content, they think it is normal to comment intrusively about women’s bodies. At the same time, whenever women are sexually harassed, their choice of clothing is the first thing that they are blamed for.

“No one has the right to harass me because of the way I dress,” the female artist said at one point during her previous interview with The Matter, which resurfaced on social media in light of the controversy.

At the same time, women of conservative Thai upbringing are raised to uphold the value of being “ladylike” – from dressing modestly, having a humble and sweet manner and, most importantly, to “reserve” themselves from mingling around men and not engaging in premarital sex.

For this reason, Thai women have always been told not to approach men first, unlike men, who can hit on as many women as they wish. This is heavily rooted in Thai history, which often emphasises the patriarchal belief that men can have a number of wives and concubines, while women are restricted to only one husband and one marriage.

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What happens when several hundred archaeologists gather in a “glass box” in the desert?

It’s an odd kind of question, but this actually occurred last week when experts from all over the planet converged in the shimmering mirror-covered Maraya cultural center near the ancient oasis town of AlUla in Saudi Arabia, for the inaugural World Archaeological Summit.

The result was an event that gave fresh perspectives on some of the ancient mysteries that are being unearthed in Saudi as it invests billions of dollars in opening up its long-hidden past to global tourism.

Created by the Kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, and sponsored by his Royal Commission of AlUla, the conference opted for discussion panels, not academic papers, and invited a diverse range of archaeological experts.

The aim, in part, was to help map Saudi Arabia’s path to sustainable heritage tourism.

Most attendees were cautious about what to expect in a country where the event sponsor has a reputation for both shocking brutality and high-speed reform. They certainly weren’t bored. “We didn’t expect so much conversation and I don’t think the organizers did either,” one attendee told me.

An offbeat conference was only part of the pull. The experts were given rare access to a trove of ancient discoveries that, until the past few years, have been off the beaten archaeological trail for all but a handful of hardy enthusiasts.

Archaeology is both a passion for MBS and a gateway to his vision of diversifying the Saudi economy by bringing in tourists to enjoy heritage sites alongside luxury resorts.

For him, it’s also a useful vehicle to marginalize Saudi minority conservative Islamists’ contempt for the sites, which they consider to be un-Islamic.

By reversing decades of cultural isolation, developing the AlUla oasis and opening up vast millennia-old Nabatean grave complexes in nearby Hegra – as well as exploring myriad other sites – Saudi Arabia is seeing fascinating ancient discoveries being made.

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In May, Viveca Chow hurriedly transferred $3,700 over her phone while standing in the lobby of a building in Queens, New York. She made the upfront payment to secure an apartment minutes after seeing it.

It was a moment the 28-year-old lifestyle influencer — forced to leave her previous accommodation after the landlord increased her monthly rent by $1,000 — described to CNN as “dystopian.”

Yet it is something that Chow, along with millions of renters in big cities, has come to expect as part of the fight for affordable housing. Her realtor urged her to pay the holding deposit on the spot to secure the one-bedroom unit.

In many urban centers, an influx of workers and students after the pandemic has collided with a lack of accommodation for rent, high levels of inflation, and rising interest rates that are trapping some people in the rental market when they would otherwise be buying a home.

Average rents in New York and Sydney grew by an inflation-busting 4.7% and 6.9% respectively in the year to August, according to real estate firm Knight Frank. While growth in rental costs in both cities has slowed compared with its pandemic peaks, average rents are still at all-time highs.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse                  
The Good Bad Mother                  
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พูดคุยทั่วไป / Ukrainian forces have broken through in Verbove
« Last post by Today on September 23, 2023, 03:16:18 PM »
The general leading Ukraine’s counteroffensive along the southern front line says his forces have broken through in Verbove – and predicts an even bigger breakthrough to come.

“On the left flank [near Verbove] we have a breakthrough and we continue to advance further,” Oleksandr Tarnavsky told CNN Senior International Correspondent Frederik Pleitgen during an interview on Friday, though he conceded his troops were moving slower than anticipated.

“Not as fast as it was expected, not like in the movies about the Second World War,” he said. “The main thing is not to lose this initiative (that we have). And, well, not to lose it in practice, with actions.”

The general’s claim is the latest indication by Ukrainian officials that inroads are being made on the southern front in the war with Russia.

Ukrainian forces claimed in recent weeks to have penetrated the “first line” of Russian strongholds in the Zaporizhzia region, in a sign that Kyiv was edging closer to Moscow’s sprawling network of fortified trenches along the southern front.

Russian-appointed officials in occupied Zaporizhzhia have given a different picture of the fighting. CNN is unable to verify the battlefield reports of either side. However, open-source analysis of available video suggests that some Ukrainian units have crossed through an important line of Russian defenses near the village of Verbove.
At the beginning of September Ukrainian forces said they had taken the village of Robotyne and were pushing east toward the village of Novoprokopivka. Soldiers said they expected battles for control of high ground to the south and east of the village as they approached the next layer of Russian defenses. Verbove is a few miles east from Robotyne.

However, Tarnavsky told CNN he believed the big breakthrough of the counteroffensive would be if Ukraine could take Tokmak, a strategic hub for Russia, which is its first major target in its fight in the south.

CNN reported earlier this week that the Ukrainian forces were still some 20 kilometers from Tokmak, struggling to break through the multiple layers of Russian defenses.

“I believe yes [there will be a big breakthrough],” Tarnavsky said. “I think it will happen after Tokmak. At the moment (the Russians) are relying on the depth of their defensive line there.”




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